Individual Counseling

Counseling today is more than "shrinking" the problems in your life. Counseling is an opportunity for personal growth in order to experience life to the fullest. As a counselor, I believe each individual is built of a unique set of strengths as well as unlocked potential waiting to be explored. Imagine a world where every individual valued one another. I believe it starts within ourselves.That is why I find it vital to help others discover a life empowered. 

Sessions allow for personal growth, introspection, and authenticity. With our foundation in CBT practices, together we will focus on the How's and the What's of your life and leave behind that Why's which keep us living in the past.


Common topics in individual counseling include but are not limited to:

Mental health

Lifescape Counseling Services, LLC believes in person first philosophy meaning that an individual is composed of more than their mental diagnosis alone. We recognize all mental illnesses are experienced differently for individuals. We help individuals and their loved ones build coping skills, improve self care, and understand their symptoms. Mental health is just as vital as physical health and often go hand in hand which is why our counselors take comprehensive approach to counseling treatment. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Learn and understand how thoughts, emotions, and behaviors work together as well as how to manage difficult emotions, challenge distorted thinking, and use healthier coping skills. While CBT is an important therapeutic tool, the skills and concepts will be used in conjunction with a variety of other modalities, to provide a comprehensive approach to treating the whole person.

Addiction & Recovery


By providing a judge free environment and unconditional positive regard for our clients, our clinicians are trained in treating chemical dependency and associated mental health problems. We are here to provide support and healing on your journey to recovery.

Trauma Relief

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Trauma is any event or series of events that overwhelms the mind and body or both. Unresolved trauma manifests in anxiety, stress, dissociation or unexplained fear, which negatively impacts the person’s quality of life. Counseling for trauma experiences provides an opportunity to eliminate barriers to healing and inspire and embrace hope. 

Grief Healing


Grieving the loss of a loved one is a very personal journey that may feel overwhelming emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Counseling provides a safe place in which to slowly begin the healing process.