Relationships and Marriage Counseling

Lifescape Counseling Services, LLC offers relationship counseling and conflict resolution for couples at any stage. Our Gottman Level 1 trained counselors apply the latest research and evidenced based methods. Topics often discussed in counseling include but far from limited to: treating affairs and trauma, recovery from addictions, LGBTQ and sexuality, effective communication, and much more. 

Charity Godfrey LMHC15667 is Therapeutically Trained in:

  • Gotttman Level 1

  • Gottman Level 2

  • Gottman Treating Affairs and Trauma


Pre-Marital & Marriage Counseling

We provide counseling for couples in any stage of the relationship. Most often, couples are seeking to increase communication, adjust to life changes as a couple, build trust, and find solutions to sustain the relationship. Our clinicians will work with you and your needs recognizing your relationship is comprised of two unique individuals.

Love Mapping

Based on The Gottman Institute research, love mapping is a process to increase understanding of your partner, identifying your relationship goals, and increase awareness of possible obstacles in your relationship. Your counselor will help you identify these important elements of your relationship in order to enhance relationship satisfaction. 



Conflict Resolution & Mediation

Strategies for conflict resolution help clients achieve the goals that they would like to see manifested in their life, be it having a better communication with the people around them, achieving family harmony, or moving their life in a different pattern.